I established as a voice-over in 1994, following a career as an international radio and TV presenter. I have since become one of the leading Italian mother tongue voices in the UK, regularly working in Italian and English. 

I was the voice of Cartoon Network (Italy) and ESPN Classic Sports (Italy). The first for seventeen years and the second for ten. I have voiced numerous TV promos for the BBC, and all the Sky platform channels, such as Discovery, Sky, Bloomberg, National Geographic, and CNN. I was also a regular on MTV, JimJam, ABC, Hallmark, and Disney Channel. 

I often cast for TV and radio commercials, and I am currently on long-term campaigns in Italy for Sensodyne – Mentadent and Hill’s Pet Food.

I narrate books and museum guides. You can hear me – amongst others – at the British Museum, the Tate Gallery, the Tate Modern, St Paul’s Cathedral, The Louvre, Kensington Palace, Hampton Court, Ellis Island, and The Statue of Liberty NYC. I am also on demand for E-Learning courses, Airline and Airport announcements, and IVR/Telephone prompts.

 My Italian pronunciation is standard. I can also do some main regional accents. I speak ‘neutral’ international English and can use a stronger Italian accent if required. My vocal range goes from teens to young adults to 50s. I have extensive experience in dubbing and lip-syncing. I work well under pressure and thrive on following directions. As a mezzo-soprano singer, I often cast for commercials’ jingles and toys. 

Title Image: With Spinal Tap

1. Recording at So Sound Studios
2. Recording at 5A Studios